Friday, June 12, 2009

Hudson Client for iPhone

I was planning on using Hudson for CI anyway on my next project, but now Hudson Helper is making me really impatient!

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Sweet Spot

Bud Caddell constructed an interesting venn diagram and posted it on his blog. This motivated me to think about where I am right now in my career. I am probably in the region where What we do well and What we can be paid to do intersect, but probably not entirely in What we want to do.

This is normal for me. Throughout my career, I have constantly sought to learn new technologies and paradigms in my spare time and then utilize those skills professionally. This whole cycle occurs for me usually in less than a year. Right now, I am rapidly coming up to speed in functional programming languages because of not only their elegance, but the multi-core utilization problem they solve (more on this to follow). Functional programming is What I want to do and is probably What I can be paid to do, but is not yet something I can do well so I need to Learn more. I'm working on it....

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