Thursday, November 12, 2009


I developed MySecrets to manages my personal secrets/passwords. I had a lot of fun doing BDD with cucumber. Pickle works very nicely with Machinist to reduce step definition code. I used authlogic for authentication and formtastic to reduce the boiler plate code in my views.

I had some trouble integrating cucumber, pickle, machinist, and authlogic. A user has 0 to many secrets and secrets are protected by authlogic. So cucumber features that needed to add secrets and validate them were a little tricky.

This scenario creates a user, login in, creates a secret, shows the secret, and finally validates the secret.

The show pages are handled with a polymorphic_path.

The actual user creation and login steps are handled here.

The secret is validated with:

All of the coded can be found at

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pwfoo - Ruby Gem

pwfoo is a hosted gem that I developed to generate random passwords, score the strength of passwords, and generate random seeds.

Generate password

Determine password strength

The SrandSeedGenerator is interesting because it uses the current time and currently running processes to generate random seeds.

pwfoo can be installed from

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