Thursday, September 18, 2008


On my current project, we recently switched from Watin to BadBoy for functional testing. Watin is an excellent testing framework, but we ran into a lot of timing related "issues" because our application is AJAX intensive. A brief description of BadBoy follows.

BadBoy is a functional web application testing tool for non-programmers. It is a record-then-playback testing tool that builds up a “Script Tree” while in record mode, which allows for a variety of assertions, then in playback mode it simply runs the script and tests the assertions.

BadBoy offers Navigation and Request recording modes. Navigation mode is the traditional recording mode found in most record-then-playback tools; it records all of your mouse and keyboard activity. Request mode records just the HTTP requests and posts, which is ideal for load testing.

BadBoy is a good choice for functional testing on a project that has QA resources tasked with automated testing. If the primary functional testers are developers, a better choice is probably Watin or Watir as they are not just recorders, but they also allow for test configuration in code.

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