Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Slow Adoption of TDD

Why is the adoption of Test Driven Development (TDD) so slow and why do developers not like to right tests?

Scott Ambler seems to be implying that since adoption of TDD is lagging, maybe the agile community should not be focusing on it.

I don't think there is a simple answer to the question, but I believe it involves:
  1. Developers are not seeing the benefits.
  2. Developers believe that it slows them down and since they are under constant pressure to produce a lot of functionality they take shortcuts.
What are the benefits? This has been documented extensively

Does it take longer to write TDD code? No! Firstly, a developer is less prone to write code that is not needed because the focus is usually on just passing the tests. TDD forces a developer to think about design before production code is written, which should result in less refactoring. Finally, the biggest time saver is discovering and fixing bugs right away as opposed to weeks or months down the line. 

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Maybe it is not the developer's decision, I can't get my boss to allocate the time to do it.

Good point Wayne!

Please take a look at my recent post that deals with selling agile.
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