Monday, October 26, 2009

Interval Rails Caching

Feedpoint (source) is a blog aggregator written with Ruby on Rails deployed on a linux server. It retrieves RSS content from blogs and displays them sorted by date at Retrieving the RSS content is an expensive step and caching is needed to speed up HTTP requests. Google searching for a way to expire page caching on a timed interval did not yield promising results so I developed a very easy custom strategy through the use of Linux cron jobs.

The Rails code for the page caching is in home_controller.rb.

caches_page and expire_page  are ActionController methods. caches_page caches the the :index and :planet_redpoint actions and expire_page expires them.

With this setup, will load the :index into page cache and will expire the cache. At this point, monkeys could be trained to navigate to the expire_cache URL every ten minutes or a cron job could be set up. This post will focus on setting up the cron job.

The cron job was configured by entering crontab -e from a terminal and then adding the following line:

This job uses cURL to call the expire_page action every ten minutes. Good cron tutorials are all over the web and beyond the scope of this post.

One added benefit of this approach is that if a blogger is anxious for a recently posted blog to show up on the world famous site, it can manually be refreshed right away!

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